Fame is NOT a bad goal to have - stop lying


sorry for being dumb guys


man it’s fine you have nothing to be sorry for! :slight_smile:


You weren’t being dumb. We all just have our own opinions and that’s just how life is.


thank you, I appreciate it! I just think some things might have fell too far.


This omg…I can’t stress enough how ANNOYING it is when I put out actual funny content only.to see other stupid lame unfunny creators get more views…like TF…doesn’t make sense


I do want fame, but not enough to boast about it. It kinda gets on my nerves when people assume that Im not doing it because I want to and that I just want the attention because even if I had the choice to make someone smile, just one person, I would. Also, I have a list of 200 ideas and suggestions, if thats not enough to prove that Im passionate for V2, then idk what is


Thank you! This is what I was trying to explain in a previous post but I didnt know how to express it. Hats off to you, sir!!


Hahaha thanks :pray:t3:


On one hand,

  • If you put creative work in and get famous, you’re famous now (yay!), so keep working hard.

  • If you’re lazy, make one creative/funny thing that blows up, and have a stroke of luck where you become famous, start working hard and thinking outside the box if you plan to stay famous.

  • If you work consistently, thoughtfully, and creatively, and you’re not famous, give it time. People will see your effort and they will stay with you to support you.

  • If you kind of slack off when making content, you don’t like editing, writing, brainstorming, or marketing too much and just avoid it (or you’re simply not funny), and you’re not famous, that’s probably why.


Wow i couldn’t have said it any better, you are spot on. A lot of people these days are expecting to become famous when they haven’t put in any work, smh. I’m sure it’s possible to become famous without working for it, but i don’t expect it to be any more likely than hitting the lottery ticket.


On the OTHER hand:

  • just have fun while you’re alive and mind your own business when it comes to success as a rule of thumb.


Fully agree. Just outright say it.

P.S. love ur profile pic


I think there’s nothing wrong in wanting to be famous or using fame as a motivation. I just think that most people that say you shouldn’t be in it for fame or even sometimes, already famous and established creators or celebs say this because of burning out. I guess most people see it as something shallow and something that can’t drive you or motivate you enough when you get stressed out or in a rut which is inevitable. I think it’s sort of true anyway. Nevertheless, I think people are different, money drives some, fame drives others. Just find what works for you to be honest. If it’s getting your grandma a gift or wanting to meet Elon Musk, as long as it drives you and isn’t negative or detrimental to your mental or physical health, go for it. There’s so much “don’t do it for fame” type advice because it’s a community and people are looking out for you and don’t want you to burn out or get bummed out. But if your goal for fame can push you to go the extra mile, it doesn’t matter, do you.


Honestly, I’ve always been in it for the fun, but recognition wouldn’t hurt. I was hoping for like 10 people to become friends with, to collab with, and to have little inside jokes. But if I grow, I guess I wouldn’t mind. It’d be nice. I just like being included, and being inside of small communities.


this is pretty good, but i don’t really think the last 2 lines are too accurate :thinking:


Yeah I agree. Edited to reflect that. Thanks arf!


You’re right; fame, in itself, isn’t a bad goal to have. What matters is what you do with the fame that you’ve achieved. If you use popularity as a way to spread negativity, lies, and hate, then none of it was worth the work.

Edit: I’m probably someone who sounds like they want fame after saying they’re not in it for fame. I understand why you feel that way. I used to wish I were a popular YouTuber who could make a living by creating online videos. But, to be honest, I don’t really feel that way anymore. Sure, it would be fun to be popular on v2, but I don’t really care how many people see my videos as long as the people who do see them can enjoy them.

I just think it would be really fun to make stupid internet videos. :smile:


I do agree that she isn’t actually a terrible rapper and I like the fact that she now seems to have a lot more respect for her mum and for people in general so I see what you mean


I got the same thing at some point. with my old youtube channel I used to be so focused on the number of subscribers and views I got, but with my new channel I’m trying to care less and less about that and to just enjoy making content


Exactly !