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Fame is NOT a bad goal to have - stop lying


i see where you’re coming from, but i think the Paul brothers are a good example of this. they’ve become crazy(not literally). But they’ll do anything to be on top etc.


sure but what can be done about it?

youtube, for example. everyone is blah blah jake paul is horrible this, logan paul is trash that, even me lmfao. i was caught up in that but what did it really do? nothing substantial.

now if the millions of us who dislike what the paul’s are about turned around and supported a creator we believe in, that’s another story right? we can’t control what negatively fame hungry people do but we 300% can control ourselves and can show through action what we believe in

if your focus is being famous, awesome
if your focus is being the best, dope

these two lanes do not have to clash


Well yeah, but what if we could help to try and stop this toxicity


There are a few examples out there of ‘famous’ people acting foolish. But because of the minority are we going to judge the majority?

Besides, if you open your mind up to things other than youtube, you’ll know that pretty much every single celebrity does things to boost their careers and fame. Celebrities brag all the time when their tour tickets are sold out, or when they come out with new merchandise and it gets sold out incredibly quickly (not talking about youtube ‘celebs’, talking about actual house-hold names).

Overall, wanting fame isn’t a bad thing. Why would it be? I’d honestly like someone to bring up actual points as to why wanting to be famous is a bad thing. Being famous allows you to connect with more people, if you want to spread a message (for example I’ll use bullying), and you want to help people with bullying, why limit yourself to 5 people, when instead you could become famous and help millions of kids with bullying? There really isn’t a downside to fame - when people start acting foolish, that is their own inner-demons. Not fames.


Well yes, but there are negatives to this too. Why do you want to see cold-hearted, self-preserving people be on top? I get that it’s their life and they can do whatever they want, but if you seek only fame, it’s basically the same thing as only seeking money. Why does fame have value? Because people think that it’s valuable. So other people are going to want it simply because of it’s materialistic value, further keeping these negative feelings going. Also, spreading a message is part of wanting to make good influence influence for people, not wanting solely fame.


you can stop the toxicity by making what you view as non-toxic, popular!

when the whole logan paul fiasco occurred, i was reading tweets, articles, watching videos about the situation and that literally did nothing but add more fame (or infamy) under his belt.

when the incident first happened, i tweeted about how i felt bad for small creators as they would face the consequences for his actions. but that didn’t do anything to help those creators, at all lmfao

now if i watched a bunch of videos from those smaller creators and engaged in their content, that would’ve definitely helped. if everyone did that, that would’ve helped. and if those toxic people saw that making genuine content was profitable, they’d make genuine content

rather than trying to get people to see one’s perspective, one can turn their attention and support those who are likeminded


I see, but this is also about the moral and ideals of people.


Is there any actual proof that the Paul’s don’t like what they do??? However much I dislike them, I do genuinely believe that the Paul brothers love what they do. People who seek fame aren’t ‘cold-hearted’ and ‘self-preserving’.

I never said that you only needed to have fame to spread a message. I’ve noticed that I’ve needed to re-iterate this point a lot: You can want to be famous AND love what you do. Wanting to be famous does NOT mean that you don’t love what you do.

If you want to have a good influence on as many people as possible, then honestly you should be striving to be famous. If you’re not, then you really need to question if you do want to influence loads of people or not. Being famous will allow you to connect with a lot more people than if you weren’t famous.

If I was a bullied kid, I’d much rather look up to a famous person than some random bum off the streets. If that famous person says that they were bullied too, then it shows me that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that it does get better, especially if that famous person has an amazing career going for them.

As an influencer, you should want to reach as many people as possible, and fame is by far the best way to do that.

I also agree with what @nogud said. The people who complain the most about certain people being famous are usually the ones giving them the most fame. Instead of sharing that logan paul video around with your friends to ridicule him, which will only boost his ‘net-worth’ (idk what to call it), why not watch a video of a small genuine creator and share that with your friends.


everyone has a different moral compass though

in this thread alone, there are great and valid points supporting both sides. if you think wanting fame is wrong, you’re well in your right and your truth. if others think wanting fame is fine, they’re will in their right and their truth.

both should be respected, no?




About the reiteration point: I’m talking about the people who ONLY strive for fame, or have it as their main personal goal. There are many negative people who do negative things, simply because they want only fame or money. I feel like from these posts, you are saying that this is okay. But I don’t think we should normalize this greed.

(side note) Logan stopped vlogging for a brief bit after his ads were pulled entirely. It is a bit clear that he gets most of his motivation for youtube for money, fame, bragging rights, and job oppurtunities. In many interviews he said “He would be the biggest entertainer in the world, no matter what it took to get there.” It’s like how he left vine after there wasn’t much monetization strategy or many people using it.


With the Logan situation, that isn’t called being greedy. That’s called wanting to live a nice life. Vine didn’t offer any monetization and their staff couldn’t care less about the creators on the app, so they left, and they didn’t suffer from it, vine did.

Besides, if it is someone’s goal to be famous, then let them. That isn’t anyone else’s place to say ‘that’s wrong’. That’s based on your personal opinions and from what you have seen. If people who only want fame and nothing else do get famous and rich, then props to them, they’re clearly doing something that millions of people enjoy, regardless of if it’s toxic or not. From these posts I’m saying that people should stop attacking those who seek fame. It’s their life, not yours, you mind your own business in life and let them live theirs. If they succeed, then they succeed. If they fail, then they fail.


ok, i understand. Can we call an end to this argument?:joy:


If the quest for fame leads you to act selfishly, or behave in a thoughtless manner, then it’s likely a ‘bad’ goal. Likewise, if the quest for fame comes from a narcissistic or ego driven individual, they may achieve said fame, but it will be short lived and hollow. Both create a toxic atmosphere.

Good questions to ask are: Why does someone want to be famous, what do they have to say, what sets them apart, etc. The prototypical Internet Star you see on YouTube or vine, reeks of desperation and isn’t really saying much. What is Logan Paul saying when he’s insulting Japanese culture, electrocuting animals, or filming dead bodies? Or various vine stars stealing the jokes of smaller Viners? Or various YT stars abusing their influence and becoming sexual predators? There are countless stories like this. When this kind of selfish, self serving behavior infiltrates social media communities like vine or YouTube it sullies the platform, the medium, and the community.


woah okay this argument went on for a while, so I just want to say something.

when it comes to a thing like this, often people’s personal biases come into play which results in a lot of argument but not much getting done.

in the end it doesn’t really matter who’s right (i.e. whether fame is a bad or good goal), what matters is that we support one another and don’t jump to conclusions or use as many fallacies of logic that were used here in this argument ON BOTH SIDES (not just one of them!) :blush:

and yeah, that’s all I have :slight_smile:


I mean, if they’re being interviewed, doesn’t that mean that they already have some form of fame?

Let’s be honest here, nobody’s perfect, but some of us will try to be.…because they want beta access :man_shrugging:


It’s important to note that most famous people nowadays didn’t start off with wanting to be famous. They found a talent that an audience enjoyed. Most celebrities don’t hate being famous, but only want it limited. Being well-known makes it more difficult to have a private side of life and they end up tiring of all the attention.


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I know and here I already gave my closing statement :grimacing: