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Fame is NOT a bad goal to have - stop lying


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It’s so funny to see people knock on those who want fame. Sure, you’re on a forum for a social media app that hasn’t released yet because you don’t want people to see your content. That makes so much sense.


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Fame isn’t just wanting to get seen. It’s also(for some) about having bragging rights, money, and an ego. That’s like saying “i got 100 views on my last video.” If you say that to someone who knows YouTube well, they probably won’t care compared to some big “famous” youtuber who gets millions of views per video. Also, some people are just excited for the app and want to make content. Not everybody on here is just coming for fame. I’m pretty sure a lot of us wouldn’t be here if we didn’t enjoy making content or being creative.


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You’re misunderstanding the point of this thread in general, I’ll clear it up here.

  1. I never said that people on this forum don’t enjoy creating videos. I said that you can enjoy creating videos, AND still be fame hungry.

  2. Fame is just wanting to be seen lol. That’s literally what fame is. Fame isn’t about having bragging rights, money, and an ego. Fame doesn’t always equal all of those things.

  3. I don’t understand where your example came from ('That’s like saying ‘‘i got 100 views…’’) and so on… I don’t think that example related to anything he said or you said.

  4. Just because you enjoy creating videos/generally being a creative person, doesn’t mean you are ‘immune’ to wanting fame/popularity.


Just to clear everyrthing up:

  1. Everyone would like to be famous. Don’t be scared to show that, and don’t shun others for wanting to be.
  2. Read 1.


I think that the context of ‘fame’ wasn’t clear. There are multiple meanings or ways to interpret it. It can be used negatively a lot more often now than before, as i think personally saw it. anyway, thanks for the message


I’m not trying to shun others for wanting fame, I just think going headstrong with it as your main goal is extremely toxic.


I’m not saying that YOU are trying to shun others lol, I’m saying that in general we just shouldn’t


ok, you’re right. i just hope this won’t grow to be a negative thing. It’s never really a good thing when someone does something just to be famous


How is desiring fame okay? The basic premise is “I want people to look to me as an authority in something (be it entertainment, sports, politics etc.)”

The goal shouldn’t be to get famous, because pop culture icons don’t shoot for fame, they shoot to be the best in their field.

Watch any interview with athletes, musicians, or anybody and you’ll see how they don’t want the fame, they just want to be the best. These goals are different. I couldn’t care less about the fame, but if I’m not the best at whatever I’m doing then I’m doing something wrong.


Final Complaint: We all know those people who only want to do stuff for fame, and nothing else. They just want to be above others. It’s easy to feel unappreciated, and I think that’s why you would want fame. But just saying “I want fame” like a lot of youtubers is pretty bad. It’s those types of people who help ruin a platform or community. I feel like you were telling people it’s okay to be like that.


fame has never been my focus and i strive to be the best at what i do

but i’ve also come to realize that just because that’s what i believe, does not mean that everyone else should believe that

and it is also important to realize that someone wanting fame does not automatically mean that they do not want to be the best in their field


I get it. But we all know those people who want fame because of how “prestigious” or valuable it is.


I in no way implied that. I’m saying when fame clouds your vision of becoming the best you have a problem. Seek fame all you want, but once you desire to be accepted by the populous you lose your individuality which is what can make you the best.

All of the best people in any field were hated at the start, but because they strove to be the best and not to be accepted they ended up finally getting fame. Fame follows people who succeed. However success doesn’t follow people who seek fame.


100%, not a particular fan of those characters either, truuust

but what’s so bad about it really? if someone aspires to be rich and famous for the sole purpose of being rich and famous, that doesn’t take away from anyone, believe it or not. that’s their right, it’s their life

if you believe that someone wanting fame for the wrong reasons is going to affect the recognition you receive, then the only thing you can do is take control over the things you have control over (i.e. improving your skills, improving your marketing, etc)


hmm, if the best people in any field were hated at the start, wouldn’t people receiving flack for being fueled by fame be at the start of that journey? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i hear what you’re saying though, and i don’t necessarily disagree but i will say that, fame doesn’t necessarily mean being accepted. and many icons were fueled by the desire to become household names, they wanted to be so great that everyone knew who they were. of course, they wanted to be known for their talent but they wanted to be known, nonetheless :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

while i may think empty requests for fame get annoying, which i do lmfao, i’m not even going to lie, at the end of the day, that’s me. if that’s someone’s fire, who am i to piss all over it?


i just think those people influence others to do bad things, as well as poison a community. those are my main problems.


If it’s someone’s goal to be famous how is that a bad thing?
Loads of young people aspire to be singers, do you really think by ‘singers’ they mean they want to sing in a country club for $50? No, they want to be worldwide, international, they want fame.
Every single person in pop culture is fueled by fame, they aren’t going to continue doing what they’re doing if they see that it isn’t getting them anywhere.

Take actors for example. Actors turn down tons of movie roles and only accept the biggest ones. Are we going to call them toxic and say that they’re ‘poisoning’ others because they want the best for themselves? They love acting, it doesn’t mean they should shoot an entire movie that only 10 people are going to watch, over a movie that 10 million will watch - regardless of how much they love acting as their career.

90% of people you see popular in pop culture today want fame and strive for it.

The only thing I find toxic is when people spit on those who aspire to be famous as if it’s the worst thing in the world. People nowadays (aspiring social media ‘celebs’ - like some people on this forum) only say that ‘fame is a bad goal to have’ because of what their idols (who are famous may I add) say about ‘Don’t think about fame’, etc… I just wish people would be themselves rather than follow whatever bigger people in the world say.