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Fake v2 app you can use the app they said on twitter


if you want to use it you can and when the real app comes to you delete the fake one and use the real one


Don’t download shady apps


Don’t download the fake one. No benefit. Its not going to transfer over to the real app. They may even try to get your information etc


ive deleted it


Why would you want to use the fake app at all?


Right lol


It’s not worth it…


you shouldn’t use any of those, they all are trash. you should be careful about these things.


I tested the fake app out and it’s pretty terrible compared to what Vine was. Shame there are some talented creators on there ;/
about stealing info, I made sure to use a VPN and an ig account which I barely use so I should be in the clear hopefully. either way though, you shouldn’t use them excessively


Which app are we talking about?


Who said that


the fake v2 they said on twitter you can try it and I logged out after its up to you if you want to try it


Not sure why you’d want to promote a fake app on the v2 forums… but I’ll just leave you be.


y even bother at all tbh


Seems kind of pointless to me tbh, just wait for the real v2, if you really want to make content, you can always just use any other app


I am wating till the app comes out ive deleted the app


Good choice


Dont use the fake apps, its no use. Theyre terrible and shady


The V2 team stated that it was fine


What’s the app name