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Everyone, Pewdiepie Needs Your Help!


ok, so i’m indian. I get that pewdipie wants more subscribers, and he can have that. But T-series has been a thing for a very long time and it by no means wants to be the most subscribed channel on youtube. I think youtube means nothing to them compared to all the accomplishments they have and are achieving. T-series’s youtube channel is just a platform to put out music and promote movies, nothing else. Also it is not one of the only producers in india, they’re not even producers. This is no hate or i’m not even being mean. Just saying that Indians love their music and not every Indian in different countries have access to the music like people in India do, so they post in on the many youtube channels that these big music companies have. One of them happen to be T-series which is a renown and beloved and well respected company in India. :heart:



No not everyone. Maybe just you and people that you know.



Soo am I the only one that thinks pew is stupid and actually can’t stand him?



tseries posted on their twitter for people to help them become #1 on youtube



yes, yes you are



He’s a good guy — I think you just need to understand where he’s coming from a bit more. Or you just don’t like his humor. Either one :man_shrugging:

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thats why i said as of now