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Everyone, Pewdiepie Needs Your Help!


Ok so as of now pewdiepie is a few days away from getting surpassed by in subscribers by an indian company named T-Series.This would make tseries the #1 subscribed to channel in the world. Tseries is a huge corporation that is one of the only music producers in india. This means that they have a full staff that can make 5 to 7 videos a day. If tseries surpasses pewdiepie then it will mean that independant creators cant survive over companies on youtube. Wether you like him or not this is about a community that needs your help. So please subscribe to pewdiepie by clicking this link.
Click Here to Save Youtube


I love Pewds but he honestly doesn’t stand a chance against T-Series. Brown folk love their Bollywood music :joy::joy:


idk you always gotta have hope and lol :joy:


Lol, as JusReign said, you gotta give us lot a chance :joy:


true :laughing:


Chill man. Am from india. Everyone here hates t series . We all know that pewds rocks and he will always stay number 1 . Not only everyone loves him but even we Indians love him way more …specially gloria XD.


I’m not a fan of Bollywood music, but most of my Asian friends here love T-Series. But I agree about Pewdiepie. He’s always gonna be no.1.


no hes going to get passed in a few days


hes gonna get passed if we dont do somethin dude


I meant like it doesnt matter if he gets surpassed…we all know t series a company of thousands and pewds is just a person with an army of brad 1 and brad 2. So its not fair to compare them at all . Pewds will always be number 1. *bro fist * :facepunch:


true true totally agree man :facepunch::facepunch:


We can do this 9 yr olds!


fckn t-series i didnt even know i was subbed to them


As MrBeast says, India’s population outnumbers ours by 4 times.


no one does


:joy::joy::joy: That’s how they got to 69M subs


A few weeks ago pewdiepie was gonna get surpassed then he gained a million. So idk about that


hopefully mrbeast can come in clutch again :worried:




9 YEAR OLDS UNITE!!! I’m a huge pewds fan, and I at least want him to hit 5 years of being number one before the demonic T-series can take over…

But yeah, Pewds is wae better than floppin’ tseries is