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Duplicate Rule

Is it a rule that you guys have to take down or lock a post that’s duplicate :thinking:? and if this post right here is a duplicate can you give it about a hour for it to get taken down or locked cause I want to see the comments


We try to avoid having duplicate posts yeah


Yes, it’s a policy for the forum, but, to be honest, it’s not easy to enforce and is enforced unevenly. New people don’t know to search first, and then sometimes have a bunch of their first posts shut down and locked, even if the thread they’re duplicating is from 6 months ago or more. There should be more leniency in enforcing this, IMO, because I think it can come across as being a bit unfriendly to have your first post shut down.

But I understand they don’t want the forum full of dozens of identical threads. In other forums I’ve participated in, if the post being duplicated is from 6 months ago and has been inactive for 4 months, for example, it’s allowed. If there’s an identical post from a week or two ago, the thread is closed with a friendly message and a link directing them to the more recent identical post (like they do here). It would be nice if this forum was more lenient like this, but, I don’t make the rules.


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Yes, that is a policy. If you want to read all the rules, you an check out the FAQ here:

I fully agree. Sometimes starting a new thread spurs new conversation, but replying to a thread that’s been dead for a year doesnt have the same feeling as a new thread.

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Although it seems a bit harsh, it keeps the forums more organised and doesn’t make our jobs as moderators hard.

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Only thing is, when you do find an old thread that is similar to a topic you want to create and then start replying to that old topic, this is what you see to the right:

Maybe it would be better to set the forum to automatically close these old, inactive threads after a certain period of time. That would allow people to start a new thread with new and relevant replies, which is better at fostering more discussion and participation. Making people add a reply to a thread that has been inactive for a year usually gets lost because those who have never seen that thread before are first presented with all the old replies and may not bother scrolling down to see the newest reply.