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Drop your steam name!


Anyone play videogames using steam? Drop your username! Mine is RebTheRebel. Same as it is on Xbox.


Wait can you explain what Steam is?


It is a username used for the Steam gaming platform.
This one is mine @Lij


It is a program that allows you to store and play games from a single GUI (thats what it was when I started). Now its a marketplace for games, and community made content. You can buy and sell cosmetics, and trading cards (if the game has them).

I noticed I didn’t answer your question @jennifer so I had to make another reply :bowing_man:


Here it is.

I’m open to anyone adding me! :smile:


It’s basically an app for your laptop where you can download games. A lot of independently made games (games not made by Nintendo, Blizzard, etc.) are on there. It’s also a social network-ish because you can add friends and see what they’re playing and even play games together online. That’s how I understand it anyway


Is an app that u can buy games


I want to, but I created my account when I was 10 and would rather not share my embarrassing username


In Xbox I’m CinderyGold and in PS4 I’m Solosoysolo (i think O changed it but im not sure haha)


My handle is sirmarkskywalker. I’m surprised at how many people don’t know what it is. Steam is the backbone of PC gaming.


Lol I totally understand that