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Drop Your OEVO usernames down for a follow for follow!


We seem to be divided, OEVO users and those who don’t like it.

OEVO is an app on the rise, yes it was bad at first BUT its getting better. Its establishing a community, and with every update its growing stronger, with everyday its gaining more users! Join the OEVO-SIDE!


MINE IS: Thegonzexx

V2 alternatives

@DatKidMolly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




I can’t find you:(


:tired_face: I think I found you doe! :smile:




Hey there have been multiple threads already created for this. We can’t have a ton of duplicates, so try searching before creating a new topic.

Rename forum to OEVO Forum

Yeahh, I gotchu :yum:


Add me up y’all @reallyahmed







OEVO is awesome! A pro tip for users new to the app though, commenting things like “Follow for follow?” or “You’re hilarious XD check out my videos too” is EXTREMELY looked down upon on videos there, so encourage growth on your channel by liking and commenting on videos that you GENUINELY like, and you’ll become a valued member of the OEVO community in no time!


Just so you know, you posted in the wrong category. Generald Discussion is about the v2 app or service. Please put this in off topic. Thanks!


changed to off topic


Sigh might as well. @damnitdc


Mine is thegonzexx



I’m a stand up that does mostly comedy vines and original content.


Thats awesome I look forward to seeing your stuff! We could do a follow for follow!




@badr_mahiri on OEVO