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Fashion design, graphic design and 3d animation.


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I’m a bodybuilder and post work out videos and photos




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Can a professional picture-reviewer-person give me some sweet feedback on my posts on my instagram @Mamshmo?


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Mister Mumster16


If anyone in this group is interested in being an alpha tester for Yuser, a new gamified social app that rewards users sign up at www.yuser.co, to connect directly with the team join us on Telegram at https://t.me/yuser_network.

In the short amount of time our alpha release has been out we’ve had great response, especially from the v2 community. @Yoshr and @Elizabeth are just two Yuser’s that can speak to their experience.

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Insta: Highqueennmami


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Check me out I’m .illu5i0n. (Add underscores either side) and I’m a young artist that would like support, also open to comissions


Just some pretty cool dogs if you like dogs 2C.canines


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