Drop what your V2 Usernames will be ๐Ÿ‘‡


Itโ€™ll just be dolphin


Krazy Zo โ€ฆBE sure to follow me guys! :slight_smile: lets work together


iโ€™m proud, this is true gold


Zayne price


Fayyad. Dont worry itโ€™ll take some time to get my name down :rofl:


hopefully we can reserve a spot for names, i would really just to have my name be โ€˜kiaraโ€™ haha


lobdooks or lobclips


Mine will be CallumShalom | the same as this. I just really dont want โ€œFriendsโ€ or the unified people from school to join. Theyโ€™re always rude and they ruin school and lifeโ€ฆ reply with a <3 if you know what I mean!


My username will be paullopez21. I hope we can all support each other and Iโ€™d be happy to follow everyone in this forum on the v2 app if youโ€™d do the same for me. :smiley: