Drop what your V2 Usernames will be ๐Ÿ‘‡


mineโ€™s gonna be โ€˜aryanโ€™.
imma stay up all day when the app drops and get my username lol


what a subtle plug lmao @Keith1808




most likely xsdylan or if thatโ€™s taken (which it probably wonโ€™t be) then ddylan but its gonna be xsdylan


@grace :)))



Or HailMary if I canโ€™t do that :upside_down_face:


About 95% sure Iโ€™ll be using @caretosharehva since itโ€™s the handle Iโ€™ve been using on virtually every social media platform iโ€™m on. BUT, since this will be a new app, I will not hesitate to take advantage of username availability and snatch @hva if I can :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Mine will be Braden because top people usually have simple names


imnotpolo, unless I get another idea


My username will be ajaytej27 .
I choose this because all may social links have the same. so yeah!
Add me as soon as v2 comes outโ€ฆ

my social links if you want to follow me and become an AJ Royal (my fan)
Instagram: ajaytej27 instagram.com/ajaytej27
Twitter: ajaytej27 twitter.com/ajaytej27
YouTube: Ajay Tej bit.ly/2vJGUSQ
Facebook: Ajaytej27 fb.me/ajaytej27
Snapchat: Ajay_Joker346


Mine is going to be LMNation


Iโ€˜m trying to get sarahrue, because everywhere else its already taken


I plan to be Hulla. Itโ€™s somehow taken by someone on instagram which kinda makes me mad, but i have it everywhere else so thatโ€™s good


Nathaniel Hofer


Donโ€™t know if I should use mason_paper or my full name, masonbrady. Somebody help please :joy:


It would be cool to have the username @ryan but it should probably be @ryanlavalleee to match my insta and twitter and I have that handle for snapchat too for whenever I choose to change to that handle. Also I would be fine with @FlyRy or @rlava or other things


just my name


Finger crossed it will be my name, even though its not a common spelling its still incredibly hard to get!


LOL!!! My thoughts exactly!


I think my name will either be โ€œDenisseSarmientoโ€ or โ€œDeniSarmientoโ€, considering itโ€™s my name and my nickname