Drop what your usernames will be and talent! πŸ”₯


Drop what your usernames will be and talent!:fire: I’ll start first username - Thomasromelo


syd knoxx - everything/anything




ThomyBalca- Actor :performing_arts:


julieohdeer and comedy (hopefully :joy:)


Undecided (changing user) & editing/tutorials


Probably silly adulting stuff and complaining about being a writer, and maybe a few christian short sketch ideas i’m hoping will take off. I’m mostly ballparking ideas right now.


annsquake or annsq
comedy stuff :wink:




I’m just a weird person for people to laugh at


Hopefully I can snag HvA at launch; I’m planning to do mini album reviews/reactions along with whatever stranger & funny stuff I can think of haha


I hope to get as username β€œtobe”, and I think that my talent might be comedy, but who knows, I might find something that suites me better