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Drop what your byte Usernames will be πŸ‘‡


If anyone takes Alex I’m gonna cry


I’m gonna take Alex I’m gonna cry


very late reply on my part but fair enough!


I haven’t made a decision, possibly papadyl or dilly




probably ali3n_father. i might go for ne3sie, idk.


Wild Corbino check my YouTube while you’re at it :smirk:


My username will be @lxnria


Hopefully mine will be jam/jamie/jamiedavies/jamdav :smiling_imp:


i really want @j or @jh
if i can’t get one of those i guess i’ll have to go and take @jalen




Praying that I’ll be able to snag my name before it’s taken like it is on every other app




Mine is going to be easy! just @Milton , i’m very excited! :heart:


either @aquiiiiino or @theuniverseofyoutube i cant decide yet


I’m EmanGamer and I’ll always be EmanGamer hopefully.