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Drop what your byte Usernames will be 👇


Mine’ll be lasagna


my user name will be IAmTJMoney


i guess yung


Mayra Franquez same as here


I’m hoping I can get ella


I’d really like to get Scar if I can. If not Scar.Official is fine




mine would be marqueso, which is cute take on my surname (Márquez) :yum:


My V2 username will be Dean123
Make sure to add it guys and I’ll add as many of you as possible.




That’s kind of like what I wanna have. My last name is Lozano but my friends call me Lasagna (but pronounce the g lol)


Profan1ty same as my youtube gaming channel that im trying to grow eheh…heh…HEEEEEH cough check me out cough


Mine is going to be TomHopkins


Probably will be RockyPond


D3Solate for me




I am so excited for v2.And my username will be abi.What do you guys think??:scream:


New videos, or is it Vines? V2s? Hmmm…
COMEDY and VLOGS + I do EDITING so some fun EFFECTS are in store!!!


I’m gonna try to get “Kita” but if that’s taken I’ll go for “Kita the Cat” If spaces can’t be put it’ll be underscores like “Kita_the_Cat” probably… I strongly identify as a cat lol. Not like legally if that’s even possible, but I’m a lot like a cat… if I don’t remember this when I actually make an account, it’ll probably end up being any of the following:
Those are my go to names most of the time.
Ok bai


my name on v2 will be OBEYY
also if someone can help me out, how can i make a topic so people can reply?