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Drop what your byte Usernames will be πŸ‘‡


It’ll just be dolphin


Krazy Zo …BE sure to follow me guys! :slight_smile: lets work together


i’m proud, this is true gold


Zayne price


Fayyad. Dont worry it’ll take some time to get my name down :rofl:


hopefully we can reserve a spot for names, i would really just to have my name be β€˜kiara’ haha


lobdooks or lobclips


Mine will be CallumShalom | the same as this. I just really dont want β€œFriends” or the unified people from school to join. They’re always rude and they ruin school and life… reply with a <3 if you know what I mean!


My username will be paullopez21. I hope we can all support each other and I’d be happy to follow everyone in this forum on the v2 app if you’d do the same for me. :smiley:


I also edit. Yay?


Mine will be prized bliss. I’m a editor


Are you sure you want numbers in the name? I mean like it could be like boogie2988 or lance210 or something, but i feel like numbers are a bit alienating. or you can keep or change it later or something. eh sorry for ranting


ThatOneKid Vine


Isn’t anyone wary of sharing their username ahead of time?


They don’t seem to mind


@arf I would prefer for my username to be just my name (Paul Lopez). I’m not sure if v2 will be like Twitter and Instagram in that it shows my name but my handle is obviously a little different. If I could make my username just my name, I’d prefer to do just that.


Well, it’s a new app. so there could be opportunity!


Mine will be Jack1.



i damn hope it doesnt get taken


Probably Yeet or Schnappi