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Drop what your byte Usernames will be πŸ‘‡


i would love to snag the name grace or gracie, and if that gets taken (which it probably will) i will try to snag grace1 or something. im also not good at coming up with funny usernames so i will stick with a basic one lol


i mma be goldsince2k14


Probably the one I have, or depression if I can get my hands on it


maybe sza or honeymoon (the actual SZA can throw hands) :rofl::rofl:


It would something like InvoluntarilyLily or ClearlyLily… something that would insult myself because I’m weird trash is what I wanna go for.


I’ll create a username when the app actually drops. So, let’s see how many more years that will be.


Probably LoganGDJ
(no the DJ part is not related to music haha)


Harris72kolj, idk what I’ll be posting but I’ll definately try and do something, probably something with my guitar


One thing I always noticed with musical vines is when certain artists make the loop of the quick song match so the vine repeats smoothly. If you do stuff like that I guarantee you will grow fast on v2! :smiley:


I think Dehaz. Stick with my name :sunglasses:


Mine will be: yamum - hopefully it won’t be taken, would love having some vine friends around the world! Can’t wait guys, this should be fun! Hopefully I see some of your usernames in the popular page :heart:




ill be gigi


just nick would be great but if not it would probably be my full name


omg this is such a huge decision maybe pr0zac maybe just zacrellin maybe zacSTOP who knows


Mine will be FeatherTheFox I’ll make furry vines!


@NikeMike, to be honest, I think my name would simply be my name, nothing fancy or complicated. I don’t know, just casual stuff.


my name will be chris pattenden


I feel like I might be a bit late to this party, but my username will hopefully Xtoverus. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe its my name in Latin, Christopher! I hope to see you guys on the other side of this project!


I am going to go with just my full name (amyjudithrose)