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Drop what your Byte Usernames will be πŸ‘‡


mine will likely be CHISofficial, but CHIS would be nice if I can get it! :clap:


Same as every other platform, @evancsadler


It will be Jibbm.


how dare yu try to steal my name


My user is going to be vitaminDLC

Can’t wait to see y’all on v2 : )


My name will hopefully be Kyle. :hugs:


My Username Will be Frankisouris


I’m pretty sure that, to some extent, current public figures who choose to start a V2 profile will be given a choice for their username. Like, if Roman, RomanAtwood, and all other possible variants with just alphabetical characters are taken and the real Roman Atwood would have to settle for some insanity like R0m4n__4t.w.0_0.d, I’m sure Dom and the rest of the V2 development team would be willing to give the real Roman Atwood an appropriate username, provided that they give sufficient proof of identity.


We can duel for it


MikeBibby something simple, I love threads like this seeing an app make so many people happy! I Can’t wait to start up my comedy on this great app!


Tyler Stone :joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Can’t decide whether to use a nickname or just my name.


Mine is as it always is. This one. I’ve had this nickname for going on 40 years. It’s my main social media name on multiple platforms. But it really didn’t get to fly until the pervious β€˜app that shall not be named’ app came along. Then it flew.


I’m picking either Wish, God, Dream or User134129.


Mine is gonna be JackAttack


Pretty sure I’ll just go with Stevie if it’s available. If we can do shorter ones, I’ll just do SG.


Hopefully my username can be John but If not I’ll do Johnny or JohnC. Something like that


I think I’ll be dankmemelord


I’m just going to stick to @Charleszyy. :slight_smile:


theycallmekai - i’ll be making skits and short videos with friends