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Drop what your Byte Usernames will be ๐Ÿ‘‡


EleanorDakota Bland but great. I already have over 50 vine ideas


Get lit fam!


Got loads of funny vine ideas, letโ€™s make this pop!


Aye this is lit!!! Everyone please make this the #1 best app. Make it better then vine. Letโ€™s help each other out. I thinks itโ€™s fair to get someone else that deserves to get big. Not just the same old people. This is the year 2018! Letโ€™s make it great! My USERNAME is Thomasromelo


Got some great content planned!


Make sure you guys follow me when it comes out:) Username- Thomasromelo
Twitter- @Thomasromelo
Insta- Thomasromelo.


My name will be Vasiliy


My username will be: MarcelloAlzAb. If you have suggestions, tell me plz






Dr Draymond
My biggest vine was of three epic farts so yehโ€ฆ well worth a followโ€ฆ


adrianna lol


okkkk, my username for V2 will beโ€ฆdrumroll โ€˜TankaTVโ€™ !!!


Hopefully i can get Quay.


My will probably be SimpleStories or SimpleGuys




Alyssalove217 !!! Csnโ€™t wait for v2 to start and to meet new people on this app :slight_smile:


I want mine to be @Renzo I have couple back ups though :,)


Iโ€™m tryna make my usernames cohesive with each other so if I could get island_genius imma be so happy. Right now itโ€™s my IG, Snapchat, and Twitter so having for V2 would pretty much complete my social media accounts haha


laterdaze hopefully :crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4: And I canโ€™t figure out how to respond or message creators directly so hopefully they see thisโ€ฆbut I REALLY hope this app doesnt follow the current trend of silencing opinions and views it or โ€œsheepโ€ users donโ€™t like or agree withโ€ฆnot talking about harassment or threats obviously but overall harmless bullshitting or extreme positions on things. Shutting down important discussions even if you donโ€™t agree will only make those arguments more effective plus obviously freedom of speech is a damn amendment so if youโ€™re operating in the us please abide by it :slight_smile: #okthanksbye