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Drop a picture of something u love. And tell me abt it. (Lets get to knw each other)


Thts my first bike tht i still own to bad its in a whole different country
And oh yea #shamelessPlug :joy:


I like dis alot💕


Might seem vain, but there was a time where I hated everything including myself, and now I feel completely different. It’s an old pic, but I’m very proud of the steps I’ve made to better my life.





I had to google this



best damn mmorpg on the market




You like the Walking Dead season 8?


Twin Peaks is the greatest, most absorbing TV show ever made. There are moments in it, particularly season 1, which are some of the best scenes in cinema history. It’s soothing, haunting, scary, and it’s basically something I think about every day.

Even Mad Men, which verges on perfection, has to come second to Twin Peaks. :slight_smile:


This image is the best thing to ever exist XD



LOL! :laughing: