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Doms Update - V2 Postponed


Dom has given us an update about v2, give it a read and give your thought below.


I’ll be sharing this update more widely later today, but wanted everyone on the forum to be able to see it first.


I’m sorry Dom.


i really wish i had closed this tab instead of refreshing it a million times, so that i wouldn’t see this; but i really hope you guys make it this time and turn into the most successful app in the world; because you deserve it. just keep us updated and know that we will always support you.


Thanks for letting us know, I couldn’t even imagine what would go into making an app with this much hype behind it. We are behind you whatever decisions you make in the future, thanks again.


This is totally understandable, hopefully things work out eventually … Thank you for notifying us !


Damn,this is sad,I was really excited when I heard that v2 will release around summer,but I guess that isn’t happening now…At least the project isn’t canceled. Anyways,I hope that dom gets everything he needs and gets back on the track soon


I don’t really know anything about investing and all that, but I’m just curious about you saying that you’re having trouble with that section of it, because I’ve seen a lot of tweets & things from people/influencers that said they were very willing to invest ?


Thanks for informing us Dom. I’m sorry that things didn’t work out the way you expected. One thing you have to be extremely proud of is the community you build and developed on this forum. This is honestly the best online community that I’ve ever been apart of. Also know that we will be loyal to you and the brand you are trying to build. Feel free to take your time and fix all issues that need to be addressed. We are not going anywhere. In fact, we’ll all play our fair share in inviting quality individuals to this forum in order to grow the community. By the time you are ready to launch, you’ll instantly have clientele!! I’m even more excited now than ever!! You’re a good guy Dom, we want you to succeed! :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Dom, it’s ok. The app isnt cancelled - thats the main thing! I want to thank you for creating this forum because i have met so many incredible people on here. We can wait longer


Well said, I’ve talked to some amazing people on these forums and if it wasn’t for Dom I wouldn’t have ‘met’ any of you :smile:


I agree. You guys are some of my favorite people in the world!


We’ll be here whenever you’re ready. Thank you for letting us know what’s going on, even if it wasn’t good news. We all appreciate the updates and what you’re going through.

You’re awesome.

Also we’re still trying to count to 5,000 so, you know, we’ll be here!


Dom, don’t worry we’ll still be here and I can’t even imagine how time consuming coding and making an app takes along with how much funding an app really needs to function. What I’m saying is take your time and thank you for telling us and giving us an update (-:


Well shit, shit indeeeed didn’t expect this news but nothing much we could do about this. Right now. The “indefinite period of time” tho just gets me in the feels :disappointed_relieved:


At least this app isn’t cancelled, right? @dom


I’m gonna cry


Right?? @dom :0


My eyes welled up when I told my mom. :fearful:


What do we do now? :frowning: