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Dom's tweet about byte! Version 1.4 ! Almost here!


So dom just tweeted this 6 hours ago. Take a look !


wait, what’s the bottom tweet by him?!


a screenshot of him publishing the 1.4 update package

not to the app/play store just yet, though


Where is that being published

And can we assume the beta might be soon


I wouldn’t assume. Unnecessary speculation could lead to misinformation.

There is no timeline on when invites will go out yet, but I’m working on it. Please give it some time. I will post an update when the invites are sent out.


I know that. Dont worry its just a glimpse by Dom. :slight_smile:


No Music, I believe ryanmccarley’s reply was for reallyahmed.


Dont know man. Lets just hope its soon


Oh my bad. :joy:


Reallyahmed, Ryan is right. Making assumptions could create unnecessary confusion that may mislead other users. Based on the previous update from Cami, all we know regarding the release date of the beta is:

The wider beta will start next year and will be rolled out in phases.


A wider beta is next year, that means a smaller beta is currently in progress (I think that’s called alpha). OR it’s the first roll out of the official beta


yeah it’s like a small beta for Dom’s friends and family I heard.


You said it, were almost there. OOOOOFFFF


yooooooo I can’t wait


Why is it gone now? Does he just delete his tweets?


he always does. i wish he didn’t :unamused:


dom should just release it already xd


u have no patience my friend