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Dom tweeted a secret LEAK


OK You have really helped thank you so much :grinning:


Of course! You can always find the official accounts associated with byte’s development here:


Alright thanks for filling me in really excited for this app to come out, is there any clues to when it might be realised


yaaaaa i saw that too. he deleted that post.


Yes! It is expected to be released in Spring 2019. We don’t know when beta will start rolling out but if you want to have an opportunity to be more involved in our community and be the first to know when new news drops, I highly recommend joining byte’s discord!

Of course you don’t have to as soon enough most of the information ends up on these forums but we would love to have you be apart of our community :slightly_smiling_face:


IN just a few minutes he gave us a lot of info.


Even Casey Neistat is feeling the hype!!


Your a legend thanks so much :smiley:


I’m a Homer and NOT an expert. But this is amazing right here.


Trust me. EVERYBODY is watching and waiting. :sunglasses:#hypeforbyte


Ya that’s awesome


Byte’s the future



This mode is supper awesome, just think about it.

Being able to watch Bytes on a plane with no wifi…

Game Changer <3


even casey holy woah

this is noiceness


Casey should come to the forums :smiley:


YES! The more the merrier!


I was at in a b-ball game during all of this but… IM SO EXCITED!!!


I would say the beta will be in February 2019


WOW, thank you detective :3