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Dom tweeted a secret LEAK


Dom tweeted this out but there is something interesting about this photo :thinking:

If you zoom in to the top left of the photo you see some of byte’s interface sketches
What I’ve deciphered:
(scroll to set how many minutes of bytes you want downloaded)
TOGGLE to keep (something) up (something)

Anyone else want know what the last part means? Also what do you think about this new offline mode? I for one love the idea and I like how you can set a time for how much you want to be saved. It’s genius.


Sherlock Holmes is in the building! :clap::clap::clap:


The last part seems to have the words:
logged? (I’m not sure)


Dom tweeted about offline mode around 12PM EST today.



There are more


I cannot contain my excitement much longer


Yeah, this is new information on how the interface would look and now it looks like we can choose how many minutes/hours we want offline


Well spotted Brennan!


And it says joined. February 2019


This is too much I love it.


lmao one of doms quickest delete


that’s because byte is of the future :wink: haha


haha was that what he just deleted? I saw he tweeted something then immediately deleted :thinking:


Hey just wondering what exactly is going on?


Dom (Byte Founder) is releasing teases to the new app on his twitter account, like as we speak haha


Ok thanks whats his twitter?? is it different to the byte one


Yes his official twitter handle is @dhof


We got gnomed!


OH BOYYY HE AT IT AGAIN!! The hype never truly dies!