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Dom’s tease of the app interface


Dom likes to delete his tweets but until then here is the tweet:
Anyways what do y’all think about this interface/layout? I think it’s dope and interesting that it’s pretty much all video and likes and comments are “hidden”. Something new and I AM NOW SO EXCITED FOR BYTE #hypeforbyte


thats a leak screenshot it and dm it to me


i seen the video as well and the byte app looks good




Wish comments and likes were not hidden but this layout probably will not limit the video area so it’s cool.


I’m too late :pensive:


Where is the video?


I love it. I personally wish it were square but if you’re going to make it portrait do it right. They did it right. I also love the way the comments are.


Dom said that it’s multi ratio so it can be square too


Oh and I screen recorded it hehe :shushing_face:


don’t worry, i’ll release the leak in Spring 2019


Can it also be landscape? Or only square and portrait?


Since it’s mixed ratio I would assume it can be landscape but all we know for sure is that it supports portrait and square, Dom confirmed.


great. I hope so. My content is personally best served in landscape format. But I’ve got the means to go square if need be, thanks to apps.


Words to live by


True, but it looks like they are trying to establish portrait as the dominant format


Darn I missed it. Does anyone have a Twitter video downloader?


I did too. RIP


Did anyone screenshot it, or know how to access is still


Yo I need a video of this…who’s man’s is this