Dom’s Cashiba or Goalie?


Dom recently tweeted a poll saying he was “working on something new” and asked which of these are the favorite brands. Cashiba won so it’s time to try to decipher what it means for the v2 hype until dom comments something like “just another project I’m working on, nothing to dig into”


cashiba sounds like it has something to do with money and dom has said in the past he is working on a crowdfunding project, OR we could just go crazy and pretend like he just dropped huge v2 news idk let’s see what happens


TBH I honestly think that it has much or anything to do with v2 I mean we’ve seen what the apps color will be so he probably would have told us if he made a change


Yeeeaaah this is definitely his crowdfunding project. I think Cashiba sounds cooler but Goalie sounds more appropiate.


I quiet like goalie but I prefer the cashiba logo


so hes still making v2 or hes abandoned it? Just curious we really want a new v**e app


Yeah he’s definitely still trying to make a vine-like app


Guys he’s working on lots of projects. This may or may not be related to V2, let’s not jump to conclusions.


OK I see i was just curious so cahsiba and goalie may not be v2 related maybe crownfunding apps but im pretty sure hes working hard on the v2 project and possibly the cashiba and goalie maybe be pre projects apps


cashiba reminds me of dogecoin


just to confirm: cashiba/goalie is the social funding app we’re working on


Looks like it’s Cashiba as most people chose that.


Well hopefully v2 project dom is working on is first priority because we really miss :vine: