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Dom deleting his last twit


What was about it? It was something about v2?


What u mean???



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Hmm… I’m not sure. He seems to be deleting most things following the recent news about V2’s postponement (if thats a real word)


The people who are telling him he should think for himself are hypocrites.

They’re not accepting the decision he’s already made, and so they’re telling him to embrace “free thinking” because they want him to change his mind as if he hasn’t already thought freely for himself. They don’t have his best interest in mind, only their own… Hence “that weird empty look in their eyes.”


I do know atleast that the first time I heard the phrase “free thinking” is from when Kanye West was having that fued on TMZ


dont think its about v2. He wants to keep v2 off his page. I’m sure it’s just something he wanted to tweet for whatever reason