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Do you think Dom Hoffmann should sell V2 if someone offers him money? If V2 is out for at the most 2 or 3 years


Bro it ain’t about V2 anymore and it’s about Byte , you’ve also commented nearly on each post that hasn’t been commented on since a year ago.



Well if it’s been 2 of 3 years and byte has succeeded and become very popular it’s very likely that some one will offer a large amount of money for it, Dom will just have to make sure he really trusts the buyer and that they have the correct intentions for the app in mind. Keep in mind he does work on other projects and will probably start new projects over the course of the next few years that will need a lot of his time therefore taking his time away from byte, any way it’s too early to say.


We’re in good hands. lol


Dom has no plans to sell byte.


Not at all!!!