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Do you like FEMALES who enjoy MEMES?


Then have I got news for you!
HI (no this is not) BILLY MAYES, HERE!
I’m Avacado…well, Ava (booooo go home)
I enjoy being self-deprecatingly funny, a complete and udder meme, and a super friendly person!
I used to make some vines, but since I was in my freshman year of high school, I didn’t really get to express myself on there like I would be doing now.

ANYWAYS, if you still aren’t convinced, heres where you can find me:

Meme Insta
Cosplay Insta

Thanks for stopping by!


waht is an femelal


u look like u could be a…



you remind me of amy nelson


Markiplier’s girlfriend? I’LL TAKE IT!