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Disregarding an Earlier Statement

Note: Information about byte is always subject to change, especially while it’s in beta. Please keep this in mind while reading the following topic description.

Hello. :wave:

I’m pretty sure that if you have been on these forums for a while, you may have seen this comment and/or comments similar to this from various users in the community.

This was a statement many users of the community agreed on. I even went on to censor the word “Vine” to make it easier for people to realize that the only connection byte has with Vine is the fact that @dom founded Vine and byte and to try to make people stop spreading, what was then considered, a misconception. (see: Some Modifications and Suggestions )

Recently, however, Dom has referred to byte as a follow-up to Vine. He’s even placed this statement on his Twitter bio.

Now, I wasn’t 100% sure if the words “follow-up” and “sequel” were actually synonyms. So, I checked various online dictionaries and, according to the all of the sources I’ve seen, they are. Here is the best definition I could find that ties these two words together:

from The Oxford Dictionary: Something that takes place after or as a result of an earlier event.

Due to this new information about the app, please disregard any statements I previously made talking about how this app isn’t a sequel to Vine.

Thank you for reading,
lex :slight_smile:


I mean it’s always been for the people that were on vine, but it’s not a sequel in that it’s completely remade i guess?

plus, legal issues


Gotcha :v:


You summed it up pretty well. :blush: But I’ll explain a little further in an attempt to clear any remaining doubts any other readers might have. :speech_balloon:

Back when byte was named V2, this community easily associated Vine with it because it had a similar theme color and the logo seemed similar. However, as time went on, it became clear through conversations in this community that this app was meant for the community on Vine and that this app was not affiliated with Vine nor Twitter. I even encouraged people to censor the word Vine to make it clear to new users of the forums that the app wasn’t affiliated with Twitter or Vine in an effort to not make the byte staff susceptible to any legal issues, which caused many other users and moderators to follow suit and censor the word as well. :loudspeaker:

But that seems to not be the case according to the new info laid out by Dom… Hence the new topic. :writing_hand:


I think once the forum moves to being hosted at something like, and the link is officially on the byte twitter account, it should be much clearer that the app is effectively a standalone app.

I’d say it’s accurate to call byte a follow up but not a sequel, since I guess I’d perceive the difference to be that in effect the team have taken what they learned from vine and are creating something new from it, instead of recreating what already exists!


That’s the exact reasoning that made me question whether the words “follow-up” and “sequel” were synonyms or not. I still think Dom might mean that the app is solely his next project when he says it’s “a follow-up to Vine”, but the way he’s worded his messages suggest otherwise in terms of actual definitions. That’s all. :page_with_curl:




i’ve always said it’s a sequel/follow-up to vine