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Discord Style Usernames on Byte

As we know from previous bulletins, every user will have a different username, with a maximum of 20 characters, however a platform like Discord uses a system where you have a username with a 4 digit tag after it, for example ‘Byte#0001’. This tag is randomised unless the user has paid for the premium Discord service called Nitro, where they can customise the tag with their username as long as someone else isn’t already using it.

This isn’t something planned for use on byte, however it offers positives such as different people being able to use the same name, just with different tags, as well as spam messages being reduced as a result of needing to know a users tag. Since Discord has 4 digit tags, this means that up to 9999 users can have the same username while having unique accounts.

The main concern with a system like this is that it could potentially make it easy to impersonate people, however when in the case of Discord, profile badges are added, a lot can be shown about an account.
For example my discord profile

Has my username ‘dkm’, my tag ‘#0001’, and badges showing for example that I’m an early supporter of Discord, and that I subscribe to Discord Nitro.

So from this we could say that when users are verified, are beta testers etc, the badges they have on their profile would be useful in being able to show that they aren’t impersonating others.

What do you think about the idea of using a system like this, and what tag would you use? :eyes:


A simple checkmark would work :ok_hand:

Or whatever Dom’s idea of a verification is.


Weird flex but ok


I would go with his opinion. A checkmark similar to Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


Nah cause this ruins the point of unique usernames


Just an idea for a different system! :eyes:


Tags like what Dan mentioned aren’t necessarily unique if there are other companies doing the same thing (I.e. Blizzard)

Not knocking the idea cause it’s cool but yea


Wouldn’t it be actually up to 10,000 users? I don’t know if it’s possible for someone to have the tag Byte#0000 or not, but if it is then it would be from 0000(aka 1) to 9999(aka 10,000).

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the #0000 tag doesn’t exist on Discord at least!

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Ahh, okay I see. Well hopefully if Byte does incorperate a cool concept like this that the tag would be available, so one extra person can share the same name with 9,999 others.:grin: Thanks for the clarification! :sunglasses::+1:


Dan really on it like new 2 minute old p-bot users on the discord server.