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Disabling Automatic Publishing on byte

Many popular social media apps today have a fairly large amount of bots. :robot: Some of these platforms even support apps that make it easy for users to make their accounts auto-publish posts at certain times. While I do understand that the more popular a certain social media app is, the more bots it might have, I really don’t think byte should support bots in any way. The first step towards making byte keep its “homemade” feel (at least for the first few months after public launch) is by only being able to publish bytes through the byte app. :house: Do you agree or disagree?


The only time that I think this kind of publishing is say if you were going on holiday for a week, or you had exams coming up and didn’t want to have no time to post content, maybe you could set up a couple of posts to automatically release. Platforms like youtube already allow scheduled posts, and I think the way that system works is pretty ok!

I do understand the need to prevent bots though, I guess there’s a fine line between useful programs and ones that can easily be abused!


To be clear, supporting bots is not necessarily a bad thing. Circumstances such as the one you stated and accounts that belong to certain companies and events definitely do benefit from having bots running their social media. :heavy_plus_sign:

Maybe byte should make some kind of special application that can be filled out by these companies and event organizers to apply for approval on bot usage… If any application were to be accepted, the company account or event account can be verified using a special badge indicating approval from the byte team. :medal_sports:


I agree with you. Its keep an app fresh and young if everything is done now in that homemade type of feel. :sunglasses:

I’d disagree, because I’d rather be effective with my time. There’s already bots on here, doing that at most will only halt the inevitable.