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Direct Messages have been enabled


…for users with trust level 2 or greater. Please see this thread by @kaden for more information on trust levels.

Please note that you can automatically earn trust level 2 in approximately one week of useful, helpful, and positive activity on the forums.

V2 Community Investors

Thank You Dom :smiley:


Nice direct messages are awesome


Question? Can we invite more than one person? I’m only asking because of the fact there was no announcement of the forum(besides the tweet of the monetization thread).


Coolio- Thanks Dom!


Important question: is there going to be a “Slide into their DMs” badge for sending your first DM? :grimacing:


I’ve been useful, helpful and positive my whole life, but I always got to start at the beginning in every new social media site. SIGH! :slight_smile:


Yeapp… It would be cool to DM someone here. And make friends before the App lunches.


If you can’t DM me then don’t come to V2…


Are we limited to one DM a day? Though I am trust level 2, I’m unable to send a DM because i have to wait 5 more hours for a new post.


Same problem I am experience


Really? That’s sad :’(


You GOTS to read that fine print: it’s Direct Message not Direct Messages, only one per person :wink:


you got me there haha


Can someone with trust level 2 start a DM thread with a level 1 user? @dom


Thanks dom :hugs:


@CEEEEJ took the initiative to test this by messaging me, and confirmed that this works.


I second that, it works


I’ll test it on you too

EDIT: Have to wait four hours


Another note for member status: The current setting on the dm/pm thing counts the message as a post, so if you start a dm with another user you can’t start a post or a second dm.