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Differentiate memes from comedy


On the old vine explore page, there used to be a comedy genre. This genre was filled with what we now know today as “Instagram Comedy” or something close to that. This obviously isn’t a huge feature request, rather just an idea. I feel like memes, which back then would rarely pop up in the comedy category, have grown greatly in popularity, surpassing that of instagram comedy, and deserve there own category. I don’t want to have two scroll through miles of Instagram comedy (I’m not judging those who really like this type of thing. You do you.), to find memes. But hey, thats just my two cents. Also, sorry for referring to OG Vines as instagram comedy, I do realize that it all originated on Vine.

It’s very possible this post could have been worded better, I wrote it quickly lol.

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That’s really not a bad idea, having even the comedy byte organzied by the different sub genres within it like memes, dark comedy, pranks, etc

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