Did you guys heard about a new app call TikTok


They say TikTok app is the new vine and it’s one of the top apps out right now


Whenever I see an app that supposed to be the successor of vine I get pretty sad because I want v2 to be the successor


Same :disappointed:


I don’t get it its just musica.ly with a different name and separate app


It’s even made by musica.ly


It’s literally musical.ly; they just changed the name to TikTok


Buts it’s still top charts cause people thinks it’s different


hey this is actually an app that started in Japan that’s basically musica.ly. I don’t think it’s actually affiliated with musical.ly at all. No I do not think it will be the next vine at all.

I was just in Japan and it was everywhere.


TikTok is the most downloaded app in 2018. Although it didn’t use to be available in the US, some videos from the app became viral and showed themselves in other social media platforms. TikTok combined itself with musical.ly since they’re sister apps, but kept the name TikTok to make one HUGE community.

Although Musical.ly is basically “gone” now, you can still use features from musical.ly and still see trends from both TikTok and musical.ly. It currently is a huge productive app with M I L L I O N S of users.

Now that you’re able to download in the US, I don’t see why it would hurt for anyone to test it out since there’s a global audience adjusting to new people. I’m not a musical.ly fan myself, but the name change helps it a li’l bit!


I guess it could be… I see ads for it on YouTube all the time and from what I’ve looked at here, it seems like it could be growing pretty huge in the future. It’s basically musical.ly, but it’s also something new. It has potential to become something different, or better.
(or at least branded like it’s new.)


Musical.ly was fused with tik tok it’s a really shitty app now they done killed another decent app


Yeah. The app has over 400 million users. It just merged with musically so they’re in an adjustment period but it’s been reported to be the most downloaded app this year. With V2 postponed and all other apps being real glitchy, TikTok is on the rise. You can now post content over five minutes so it’s been vine and YouTube combined for a lot of people.


Yes to all of this​:clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5: