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Detailed Analytics for byters (or not?)

Here’s another thread of mine… :thread: Going to leave this one pretty open-ended, though.

Some social media provide users with limited analytics reports while others don’t offer these reports at all. Something byte could do is integrate a detailed analytics page including popular activity times amongst a creator’s followers and reports contrasting engagement and impressions. This could help users gain more traction, which in turn, might lead to more money gained by the creator if they are monetizing their bytes. :moneybag:

However, one could also argue that making the app exclude these detailed analytics incite more authentic content instead of content made for views and/or engagement. Some of the people might also agree on the elimination of other numerical values on the app such as follower counts, following counts, and like counts for the same reason (while others might not agree with eliminating analytical values to this extent.) :selfie:

What is your perspective on how the byte team should deal with the delivery of analytics for creators? :face_with_monocle: I understand that money is a very important factor to consider when thinking about topics like these, but I urge you to also think about the other possibilities presented. :bookmark_tabs:


It’s all relative


I’m okay with follower counts, but getting rid of likes I have no problem with. Likes to me are very passive forms of interaction. When someone leaves a comment that’s way more investment, and means the person probably watched a significant part of your content. The analytics page I’m all for as well.

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yes to analytics, could be a great way for sponsors to view your profile from a business perspective

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