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Darkmode and Colormode?


I‘ve read a post from @Rafiki, asking about dark mode. I thought why not have different background colors to choose from? So you could maybe match it with your phone case color or something or just choose whatever you like. Maybe it’s also a bad idea because it could look messy. What do you think?


I think making different background colors adds a slight complication where for each background color, you have to deal with the foreground colors.
It is a good idea if they can implement it like they have the saturn mode on these forums where some of the staff can work on it separately


I agree. It would be cool to have a selection of maybe 9 or 10 different colors(or skins) you could choose from.


It would be awesome !!!


I think that it’s interesting idea. However, I’m not sure if colormode would take away from the original vibe of the app, if you know why I mean? Personally, I think it would be great if everyone could customize their own profile though. I think that’s a great idea.