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Dark Mode?


I saw this picture of the app that Dom tweeted a few days ago and I really liked the “color feature” however I honestly wasn’t really a fan of the white background. So I had the idea of why not having an option for a dark/night mode.

So like what are yall’s opinions on Dom integrating an option for a “dark/night mode”, quite similar to what other apps offer such as twitter and youtube?


yes 100%… ;$


I’m sure a dark mode will be implemented.


I think there is, because a screenshot of the app had a darker rim around it. I’m pretty certain the app will have it


Nice …


I personally love using the dark mode on youtube if byte has one that would be :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2::fire:


Dark mode is almost a requirement for apps now tbh


I like it both tbh, and having an option to switch would be cooler


it would be lit if they added dark mode feature, im here for it definitely


Honestly I love dark modes. Less eye strain


I use dark mode for everything like YouTube and even this forum (actually Saturn rn)


Ya me too…


I use dark mode on everything I can.


coool idea