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Custom Emoji


These are great! Thanks :smiley:


i love these :grin::wow:


I’m going to be honest I’m replying and using this emoji to get that “first emoji badge” :twitter:


awesome, but is missing a v2 emoji!


I really like the style of these :grin: I hope it carries over to the app :aww: I think gradients add a lot more visual interest than solid colors, while still being sift enough to about stealing attention from the videos :heh: Keep up the good work! :grin:


Really love these. Thanks!


Maybe as the final logo isn’t done… the twitter page is just the green? @Dom is just being mysterious.




:grin: :mushroom:




:mad: me @ the fake v2 apps making me think that v2 came out for a split second


Where are they!? :scream:




:ok: I see you lol.


Cool :blep:


:grin: so cool


It looks amazing I have full expectations for V2 - ■■■■■■ | I am also happy that the community is not funded by Twitter but by the Vine Industry. Let’s not mess it up this time! V2 is going to be the next big thing, I used to love watching Vine’s - how about you?! I am hopefully going to be making my own Vines. I can’t wait for this app! It’s going to be sick! The custom emojis are amazing :exclamation: | :exploding_head: I am so psyched my head just blew up!


This is great! So cute ^u^


:ok: these are actually so cute :sob::sob:


Thats cool man