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Custom Emoji


They’re located at the bottom of the emojis in a section called “custom emojis”


There’s a button with three lines, click that then the :slight_smile: face, scroll all the way down to use the custom ones


You can also use a : and start typing and they will show up depending on what you search for
Ex: “: vine :” would give :vine:


Awesome :vine:


:grin: thanks!


Thank you very much I was so confused lol


Dope :exclamation::exclamation:


so fun :vine:


:vine:^2 community is looking pretty rad
Nice designs @michael


:youtube: :man_facepalming: :ok_hand: :palms_up_together: :spaghetti:


:vine: These are pretty awesome I must admit! :grin:
Would be amazing if stuff like this could exist within the app :exclamation:


:vine: :exclamation: :announcement: i like them! :ohno:


Emojis are the best :ohno::tear::what::mad::wow:


:vine: :snapchat: :exclamation: awesome work guys!


they’re lovely :aww: i find it funny the old vine logo :vine: is here tho :thinking:


:vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine: this is amazing


I’m surprised the Vine logo :vine: is one of the emojis considering what Dom said…


I think the purpose of incorporating the Vine emoji is the same as to why there are also Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, and Youtube emojis. They’re just there for people to have a fun way to talk about other social media platforms. I’ve also seen them uniquely incorporated in to some forum community members profiles followed by the link to that specific social media account. They’re not claiming to be Vine. As Dom said in that post, “it’s reasonable to assume that there might be a formal connection, but there isn’t one”, but I don’t think that an emoji is a form of a formal connection. That’s just my take on why it’s there :slight_smile:


How do we put the emojis into our messages on here and stuff when we talk in the forum. Can someone tell me instructions please :joy:


In the text box there’s a smiling emoji symbol. Click on that. Then scroll all the way down the way down to the bottom of the emojis that pop up. There is a section called custom emojis, and you should be able to access them there :blush: