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Custom Emoji


:announcement: Hello v2 community! :grin:

In order to bring you the most expressive user experience possible, several custom emoji have been added to the forums. :blep:

:ellipsis: As more are added in the future, this thread will be updated for reference. Custom emojis can be found at the bottom of the emoji tab when writing a post :exclamation:

Enjoy! :aww:

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:grin: :tear: :mad: :aww: :what: :ohno: :heh: :wow: :blep:

:announcement: :ellipsis: :question: :questionmark: :exclamation: :ok: :hibanana: :muscle:

What can you post in the comment section

designer already gettin to work!

love it




its a shame they don’t show up bigger. :tear:


:exclamation::exclamation::exclamation: I’m going to have too much fun with this! Thank you love! :exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:



This is sweet


:ohno: my favorite lol


Yall gonna put these on the app too tho?


Mood: :blep:


My guess is no. (maybe as stickers or something?) But this forum will be active even after the app is up & running for a while, so they’ll be put to use :heh:


yeah, highly doubt it. would be cool if Apple let developers add custom emojis to the built-in keyboard on a per-app basis, though.


It’s not like Emoji were custom back in 2011 :frowning:


The :grin: is too cool


I love this


Omg this is cool :grin::muscle:


Oh wow, I didn’t read the :ohno: I say that one irl, haha


These are sweetttt. Any category post icons in the works? :heh:


:aww: lol it didn’t work for me


Nvm I thought it didn’t


The new little emojis work on my profile though. I love them :blep: