Couple related team?


So I had a thought: V2 team that consists of dating/married couples to make related content. Interested? I want to go all out. :slight_smile:
Either comment or send me a PM. I have some ideas already, but want to brainstorm with some awesome Artists!


I’m not in a relationship but I am so ready to see what you guys make :laughing:


We have some plans :wink: This is something we’re passionate about. The two of us are entertainers at heart, so this fits like a glove!


Omggggg I can’t wait!!! It sounds like it’s gonna be amazing


Can’t wait to see your content :slight_smile:




Your support means a bunch!! Thank you!


I’m probably going into this as a couple and I’m interested in what you have?


Well, for starters, my wife and I are expecting our first child in August. So we have a lot of material to work with there. We were thinking of just simple relationship comedy to start out with, and then working our way into something more complex. We want everyone to be able to contribute, so if you have anything, we would love to hear it! Give us a PM!


Omg a child!!! Congratz!!!






I like the idea, but sadly I’m single :woman_shrugging:


Hold on to being single! hahaha :laughing:


Yea I’ll probs be single forever :joy:


Yeahh :laughing::metal:t3:


In all seriousness though, if any of ya are interested, HMU. :slight_smile:


lol soooo… how do i send a pm?


Idk. I’ll figure it out XD


Don’t think we can. XD you aren’t locked into it or anything. I wanted to call the Team v2XO, and it would consist of relationship comedy, marital comedy, storylines, etc. Just something to think about!!