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Copyright Infringement


If creators use copywritten content, will their Bytes (still weird to say lol) be muted or taken down?


Copy right

I’d like to know this too, or like copyrighted music ?



I Categorized it in General Discussion for you Also

What im assuming is gonnna happen is when someone posts content that they do not own and someone files a copystrike against them it will be reviewed and if needed taken down



As a Hip-Hop Vlogger, I can tell you, I get flagged on content that even independent artists submit because their music is registered via their distribution company. I remember with V, a lot of us artists networked effortlessly before these crazy copyright demons lurk. I hope it won’t be a problem :pleading_face:



Will we really get flagged tho? It’s only 6.5 seconds of copyrighted music, and even youtube typically allows more than that.



id definitely NOT want to be flagged for using music…i mean id be down to tag the creator but ITS JUST 6.5 seconds : ( lot of my planned bytes would have music in them that goes with the comedy



And being 100% honest, 6.5 seconds isn’t always enough time to identify a song.



id hope not…
copyright infringement policies are dumb when the copyrighted material is not used in a way of someone actually trying to steal and pretend its theirs.

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6.5 seconds of music often does not violate copyright fair use laws. However, if the bytes are monetized, it can create some issues.



agree with this, main point of copyright also includes making money with content that you do not own. With that being said, 6.5 secs is STILLL PRETTY SHORT

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6.5 isn’t within the threshold for copyright laws thats also one of the reasons there was no monetization with Vine



it would take a “byte” out of the comedy lol



This interested me immensely, so I did some research, and found this.

The gist of it is, as long as you aren’t claiming the work to be your own, you can use it. But, if an individual sends you a C&D, the video has to be taken down. It further goes on to talk about parody (what we do) and we can basically get away with murder, so long as we do not claim the original work as our own. The most famous case I could think of was Weird Al’s “Amish Paradise”, which was a parody of Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise”. Coolio did not give consent, Weird Al’s record label swore they received it, the song was created, Coolio went to take legal action, but since the work was clearly comedic in nature, Weird Al was allowed to keep the track.

So, the polite thing to do is take the video down if you receive a C&D, but if you choose not to, you have a very strong case in court, so long as you can prove the work was used for parody.

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Probably be more of the same stuff. It seems like people are real protective with copyright even with fair use us laws

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