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Claim to Fame or V*** the Line?


I hope my videos will make people smile, it’s been my goal pretty much my whole life to keep people smiling, and I want to do that on V2!

The bigger I get the more people I can reach! Here’s hoping!


You all seem legit as helllll


I will do unique videos in two differents languages


The authenticity is the best


Yes! Definitely

I dislike it when people are fake just so they can get views


Yes that is so boring and i hate when the people copy the same content


Oh gosh, copying the same content gets me even sadder when I watch it happen


Ima continue doing what i usually do on instagram, which is create funny content and this time hope to get viral on v2


I’m stocked I’m not giving up


I’ll make unique loops and share some irl (funny) accidents and irl funny moments, because they are golden.


I’m going to definitely make it!


I plan to wreck it. Hopefully with some cool people by my side. :smiley:


What about you, @Adam2Miles?


@sydknoxx I am already ready to rep my brand Improvisual Apparel by Improvisual Scientist Adam2Miles. I currently have 2 youtube channels and am ready to make random hilarious content.

Have to pregame everything, brain storm ideas, and keep everything fresh.


Sincerely I just plan in having fun i love making vids and being funny bc is who I am the rest come with it


Wow, sounds awesome, man! Can you share your youtube? :slight_smile:


I wanna get famous just by making weird, funny content. I just remember how much I loved watching those videos and I think it’d be awesome to be apart of the community


(LETS COUNT TO 5000, (If that's possible, who knows))

Bruhhh 6000 Bottles of beer on the wall in off topic


I plan to frequently produce authentic and comedic content while making close friends along the way. It’s going to be difficult, but I’m really going to work at it and I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes :smile: