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Cicada 3301

Just wondering who else knows about the whole Cicada 3301 thing? It’s been a pretty well known story for years, but a lot of you might not be aware of it. Figured I’d link this video that explains the whole thing, but to sum it up it was basically a scavenger hunt over the internet.

If you already know about Cicada, or you watched the video, do you think that Cicada was government recruitment? Or maybe recruitment for something else? :eyes:


I know about this all too well. It was (at least to my knowledge) a recruitment tactic. Not for a government agency, but rather a small organization that the founders had stopped operating.

It would be interesting if something like this happened again for sure.


Just watched the full thing and it was so interesting! I definitely agree that it was a recruitment tactic but I guess whatever operation they were trying to establish kindof fell through. I’m definitely not smart enough nor would I have had the time to figure that elaborate puzzle out!


I watched this video a while, pretty interesting! A secret internet society just sounds so cool in general lmao, and the secrets and all… I love it

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I’ve watched it before and its pretty interesting. Could be anything tbh