Choosing beta testers?


Excellent. Some specific beta test guidelines to help development move along the process. Really need testers that can push the envelope and give it a work out. Not ‘famous’ but creative. Loopers. Editors. Multi app creators. Prolific. Environmental. Etc. People that will use the features to their fullest.


I’d love to be a beta tester , it’s always been on my bucket list to be able to beta test a video site/app. Plus v2 is going to be amazing :+1:


All I hope is that they don’t just pick American people on this forum for beta testing.


I had the same thought a few days ago :confused:


I just hope the hype is alive when the beta drops


I think people who are active in the community rn and of course larger named artist to bring traffic Beta Testers


I hope so to, the forums seem to be getting very quiet lately


yeah everyone’s just kind of at the anticipating phase


i did notice the forum is a lot quieter recently…


I know :confused:


That sounds great Dom! Will they have to be from a specific location?


I think it’s because in our excitement, we might have slightly exhausted our conversations. We can only discuss so much without having our hands on the app. I’m sure it’ll spike up again as soon as the team give us an update!


You would need a very diverse group of people to test it out.


Amazing! Love this!!


Yes he is going to need a diverse selection and has also going to have to choose people that are truly committed.


Thank you so much!


You’re welcome


Access to the beta could be so clutch. I have so many ideas for vines invloving YouTube videos I have planned. Instead of making YouTube videos I could just make the climax into a vine.


People should be chosen that have an adequate degree of knowledge towards social media.

Someone who can relay information back regarding ideas, bug fixes, usability errors etc.

People who show that they have ideas and content that can be used in an early stage to help develop the platform.


yes, it will hopefully be the most active or most experienced forum users (not sure if experienced is the right word but yeah)