Choosing beta testers?


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Maybe @dom should do like only the first do like only members and above on the forums get beta, since it shows that we’re actually active here and not here to just get the beta faster and actually want to help the app. I think as well we should have new unknown users on it so that they have a chance to grow aha (aka moi and like almost everyone else here). What do you guys think?


That’s one way we could do it yeah.


Amen! I agree!


Forum activity would make the most sense, but I think a good number of people will have access to it, that way people can create & watch others who create. And everything rolls over to the main app so at least those who have started from scratch could have a bit of a head start?


Sweet! Cant wait!!!


I think the people who test the beta are gonna be the people who are active on this forum


I read more. Activity is a great idea


Use a mix of original Vine stars and members from the current Forums as testers.


I agree if your active on the forum you’ll be active on the beta


Buddy, just a heads up, if you keep begging them for beta access it is less likely that they’ll pick you. Just do your best to make it clear to them that you care about the app, and that you’ll make a valuable contribution to the dev process, and that’ll be more convincing. If you keep asking they might get tired of you. I’m looking out for you. I used to moderate gaming servers, and before I was successfully accepted I had begged and begged, and as a result they grew weary. Eventually I undid the bad work I’d done, and proved myself, and rose the ranks of the server to being a head member of staff.


That’s a Really valuable words


Sooo blessed. :slight_smile: I’m excited to see how I can use it as a musician in it’s new form.


good to know


I really like this idea. Hope Dom takes notice of this!


I agree. I believe the forum users should be the first ones to beta test as we’ve been most likely been the ones following v2 since day 1.




that is amazing! I am so anxious for v2 to launch! I am a YouTube creator because I got into Vine right before it was dead so I switched over. Seeing it come back makes me so happy!


Yo Dom I think I’m pretty funny. Please give me a chance to be a beta tester.