Choosing beta testers?


I would love to be part of testing v2! Much love


By devices. For example. I own a Samsung S8+ which means i should test for Beta :smile:


Can they be selected at random? I would love to be a beta tester! :blush:


Personally if I were dom I’d select a few forum users per an application process. I,e. details about yourself, personality, what you know about apps, etc etc.

That’s so dom can get the best of the best during the first stage. I’d then have a second stage that was still a closed beta but was open to more applicants that aren’t tech guru’s but enjoy using apps such as V2.

Then a third stage would be an open beta to forum users. That’s just so everyone here can get a taste, since we are the most dedicated.

Then the release aha!


I have to agree this will make the most sense


I’ve been on the forum since the early release and it feel more active than ever now


dom should definitely give out beta to content creators too


I’m here :raising_hand_man:t3:


#Marko4Beta haha


I know, it’s getting quite busy now


Yes please let us all have a little taster before full release, an application process is definitely a must. Dom would then be able to get a wider range of content creators.


I think it will be more, Testflight for iOS got upgraded to 10,000 limit. So lets say @dom saves 1,000 for friends, family, coworkers. 9,000 spots could be open.


I think it should be active users that have reached a certain rank, so it won’t be people who flood to the forums, to just get a beta. Also you don’t want people who just get in. The beta needs to be some artists and people using that side, and other of people who test apps and will try all the things.


I am sure this is will how it will be, if you look on r/Reddit on like iPhone apps, to have testflight you normally have to fill out a little about yourself I am sure @dom will do the same needing to know the OS of your phone, models both iOS and Android and test it in different environments in different cities.
Also when a new social media goes live it normally goes through grass roots, to help build up the server amount so I think those who get launched into it, once it goes live will be able to invite folks.

Any one remember waiting for a gmail…or the failed google wave… or Ello…


Thanks for that info, I really hope it will be as much as that.


I think beta testers should be chosen from their activity in the forums


People who are active should become beta testers in my opinion, but that’s not up to me lol. Idk how it will happen or who “will win the lottery”, but I hope the right people get access.


That’s what it will feel like, winning the lottery :smile:


Agreed, that was one of my worries that people just make an account to try and get beta access


I want a betaaaa