Choosing beta testers?


How many beta testers do you think you will choose? Or will it be available to all users on this forum?


Ya Man literally I don’t know how to get those High Rated badges in Forum If I don’t get Selected in Beta I am Really gonna Freak out it’s very important for me @dom please help Please give opportunity to everyone


Betas always a tricky thing. I think maybe @dom and the other staff should choose beta testers by selecting a few people from each type of phone model. That way, they can test the UI and look for bugs in both android and IPhone.


They’re going to need a diverse group of phones of varying ages to beta test this on, maybe send out a little questionnaire asking how you’re planning to use the app and then choosing a few of the people that fit all the criteria to help beta test?


Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh idk


that makes total sense, but i still think people who are active on the site should beta access too, we are too hype about the app anyway


Soooo excited !!!


Me toooo :slight_smile:


This is exciting :slight_smile:


Sounds awesome! Can’t wait!


:'v ya no puedo esperar mans wuw


I know @dom had mentioned this about the beta.


@dom should definitely choose people from a forum with a good background or reputation. like if theyre a you tuber or streamer (twitch, mixer, etc.)


I agree. I know a bunch of people are desperate for v2 already and the app hasn’t even came out yet.


I think we should have submissions from the people active on the forums. So we can choose people who know how to create good content to be the beta testers.


I agree with this, its the best way to choose tbh


Looks like there’s huge increase in members after Dom’s tweet about 10 minutes ago. Hopefully those of us that have been active in the forums beforehand don’t get lost in the crowd now :worried:


I hope everyone who has been here longer than the few days I have been here gets to be a beta tester. I know I won’t get to but I just am rooting for all of you who’ve been a part of the process since quite a while ago to get to test the app before official launch


Yeah, compared to a lot of others on here I haven’t been here that long either. I feel I’m quite active though, it would be nice to be considered.


Nooooo we can’t loose u Marko :frowning_face: keep on posting and I’m sure you’ll be fine