Choosing beta testers?


it would be more beneficial for trusted and responsible members of the community to be allowed the privilege of beta testing the app; for the community, and devteams sake.


Yeah, the point of a beta isn’t really to just hand out access, but to help development. I’m not sure forum members should be the ones to be the first help with testing (sorry!), but much rather pre-established content creators and some with personal connections with the devteam.


Can’t wait to sign up. Some of the higher ranking forum members and mods should definitely get top priority for doing a great job in regulating the forums and keeping the community in check.


sounds great! let’s just hope people don’t get too drawn in to fighting for a position lol


However they decide. Probably people close to it and a set number of invites through the forum and Twitter. Would be cool. And probably an open down the road to stress test it. My toughts on it atleast.


Sounds Exc!! If you are active enough on the forums, you should be able get into the beta testing


No I don’t agree with that, giving the previously successful people a head start just because they gained an audience before. Us active members on the forums are wanting to help with the beta and also to try out the app first.


totally agree


So exciting!!


So hyped. Honestly can’t wait beta or no i just want this to drop :smiley:


Hopefully randomly from the forums! Fingers crossed :smiley:


there cant be that many people in this community? it should be everyone who was here now.


In the last 7 days there have been 3.3k active users and 7.9k in the last month.


Never mind then :dizzy_face:


I think it should be people who @dom is familiar with and can trust


Wow that much


War. This will wind up being war.


I’ve been in closed beta tests for a few small apps before, having zero experience beforehand, most of them were just a case of emailing close to the closed beta release date and getting a response back but as I say they were small scale compared to this. Hopefully those of us who are active on the forums will have equal opportunity to have a chance to take part in the beta.


Few people should be invited to the beta. First, the established creators (Especially from different fields). Then, the active staff, experts, etc from the forums. Then for the rest of the people, Dom can just select random people. Just hope it’s not a “first come, first serve” situation cause some worthy people might miss their chance.


Yeah, I was worried about the same thing. Anyone could quickly make an account on here and get into the beta who isn’t all that fussed about it.